Colton Wilson

Colton Wilson is a young man who has a passion to mentor boys and teach them how to be men. Throughout his growing-up years, he was vigorously trained in manliness by his father and grandfathers who taught him to work, study the Bible, look a man in the eye, be a good husband and father, and run a business, among dozens of other valuable life lessons. His goal through Repairers of the Breach is to share with other young men the lessons he has learned through personal mentoring, small-group studies, and work projects. Within ROTB, he also operates the Nehemiah Corps Boot Camp, which gives young men the opportunity to learn and practice work ethic and skills. Colton has had many years of experience in public speaking (teaching the creation/evolution debate), which included delivering sermons, teaching a class for homeschoolers, and conducting a weekend youth conference in Great Falls, MT