What is Volunteering?


Volunteering is one of the privileges of living in a free country, such as the United States. Volunteering is a way to help us focus on our passions and our goals and establish long-term relationships with like-minded people for a specific cause. Jesus Christ was the world’s greatest volunteer. He had a passion and a goal to create an eternal relationship with YOU through His death on the cross. Oklahoma Christian Home Educators has the passion for and the goal of promoting home education and protecting your God-given and constitutional right (Oklahoma is the only state with this constitutional right) to home educate.

To continue promoting home education and in this defense of your rights, OCHEC needs passionate, dedicated volunteers in many areas. Here are just a few: The Legislative Committee needs people to help with the Cookie Drop, Entertainment, Bill Reviews, and Alert Notices; the Support Group Committee plans and executes the Leadership Conference and appoints a Support Group Coordinator; the Administrative Committee seeks the advice and input of Lawyers, Insurance Agents, and Accountants; the Fund Raiser Committee needs Grant Writers and a Thank-You Banquet Host and Hostess, as well as Assistants; and the Convention Committee needs a large group of volunteers for Mentoring, Vendor Coordinators, Vendor Hospitality, Entrepreneurs, Art and Photo Contest, Media Coordinator and helpers, Audio-Visual/Sound, Registration Coordinator, Email Blasts Developers, Promotion, Blogging, Attendee Bags, Nursing Mothers’ Room, Keynote Speaker Liaison, and Computer Tech. These are not one-day volunteer positions, as serving at the convention is, nor do they require large amounts of time. The time investment ebbs and flows during specific times of the year. For more information on these vital committee opportunities, please email Paul Rose at prose@ochec.com, and he will connect you with the appropriate committee leader.

These support opportunities are key to the continued operation of OCHEC. If OCHEC was required to hire people to fill these positions, membership dues or convention entrance fees could exceed $150 per family. Just to open the doors of the 2017 convention at 9:00 a.m. Friday morning will cost between $75,000-$80,000.

The committee positions listed above all need volunteers to aid in the fulfillment of the required responsibilities. For example, it takes 150 volunteers over and above the committee volunteers to produce YOUR OCHEC STATE CONVENTION. To assist at the convention, please go to https://www.ochec.com/volunteer to register for a four-hour time slot.

It is the prayer of the OCHEC Board of Trustees that you WILL volunteer for one of more of these opportunities to exercise your passion and engage with OCHEC to promote the excellence of home education and defend the rights of future home educators for years to come. YOU make it happen!


Trustee/Convention Director