OCHEC's New Membership Plan

Paul Rose Sunday November 29 2015

In the past, the proceeds from the annual homeschool convention have provided nearly all of OCHEC’s operating funds for the year. But OCHEC is so much more than a Convention. Among other important roles, OCHEC serves as the legislative watchdog and defender of homeschool freedoms, organizes and hosts the longest running and one of the best attended Capitol Day events in the country, publishes the fabulous Informer Magazine, maintains an active and informative website loaded with resources, and provides training and support to local support group leaders. These roles are essential to Oklahoma Home Educators whether they attend our Convention or not. The OCHEC membership provides families across the state with the means to participate in these important ongoing, year-round activities.

The annual membership opportunity aligns much better with what OCHEC does and how we serve you. Additionally, we will be working hard to expand the benefits and services included in the membership so its value will be continually increasing. This new level of cooperation and service allows families to join OCHEC's efforts year 'round and gives us new and increasing opportunities to serve those who partner with us. We are excited about this change which has proven to be successful in other state homeschool organizations.

The combined cost of the introductory membership amount and the super-low convention registration actually amount to less than just the past convention registration price. We want you to be a part of everything going on at OCHEC, so membership (with its reduced registration price) is the most budget-friendly and economical choice for most families.

Help us start something new and great. Sign-up to support your state's only Christian home educator’s organization and help us to continue to provide great events and stay strong for Oklahoma families.

Paul Rose, President

OCHEC Trustees