Leadership Conference


Many Parts; One Body
July 22-23 2016

Event Update

It is awesome when God brings His word to life and into action! The theme this year, “Many Parts; One Body,” (1 Peter 4:10-11; Romans 12:4-8; I Corinthians 12:12-31) was experienced first-hand by the sixty plus attendees of the OCHEC Leadership Conference.  

From the common thread of the speakers to the games to the meals, the message of body unity came through.  The Friday night banquet and keynote speakers were John and Jaimi Jones (www.edge-ministries.org).  Their message, “Better Together,” was a reminder of how important it is to maintain good marriage relationships even when we have the added responsibilities of homeschooling and leadership obligations. 

On Saturday, we had activities with Mr. Potato Head™ toys; teams had to come together to supply all the body parts for their Potato Head. Ironically, we had a potato and salad bar for lunch!  OCHEC President, Paul Rose gave pointers on getting more dads involved in our support groups.  Valerie Rose covered communication etiquette and the need to be careful and gracious in our emails, texts, and phone calls. Tavia Armstrong alerted us to be aware of bullying even in homeschool support groups and to be proactive in dealing with the problem.  Abby Rose, the eighteen-year-old daughter of the Rose’s and new homeschool graduate, shared her perspective as a young woman on the ways the moral decline in American culture is affecting our families.  Add in town hall discussion time, a legislative report, information regarding accounting finances for support groups, yummy food, and great fellowship, and you have a taste of what we enjoyed during the conference.  

If you are a support group leader, watch for next year’s event, in July 2017.  If you are a support group member, please encourage your leaders to plan to go next year. Your group will benefit from the conference, and OCHEC will be better able to serve your group because we will have a closer relationship with your leaders.