Leadership Conference


Dusty Trails; Glorious Destination
July 21-22 2017

Moore First United Methodist Church

201 W. Main Street 73160

As a support group leader, do you sometimes feel like a trail drover who has been 'ridden hard and put away wet?'

Does the 'dust of this world' feel like it gets in your eyes and covers your feet?

How do you settle range wars and gather up the strays?

What dangers do you need to be aware of along the way?

What needs to be in your chuck wagon to feed your crew?

Let us join you on the journey to help brush off some of the dust and to redrect your attention to our final destination-Heaven.

Your OCHEC trustees will meet up with you for this encouraging roundup weekend.

In addition to some of the topics above, we will have town hall discusions, legislative issues presented, andd the Affiliated Groups and Trustee Meeting.

As always we will keep the chuck wagon well stocked and you will have plenty of opportunities to get together with other trail drovers from around the state.

If you are a homeschool support group leader, mark your calendar for this years event: July 21-22, 2017.

If you are a support group leader, please encourage your leaders to attend. Your group will benefit from the conference, and OCHEC will be able to better serve your group because we will have a closer relationship with your leaders.

The OCHEC Mission Statement continues to be: 'To promote home education in the state of Oklahoma through vents, communications and resources; to protect the God given rights of parents to direct the education of their children to the glory of God.'

To be included in the drawing for a free hotel room for Friday night, register by midnight July 12, 2017.

Friday, July 21st
2:45 Registration Opens
3:10 Affiliate Group Meeting
4:10 Legislative and Financial Issues
5:15 General Session with Annual Group Reports
6:15 Wranglers' Round Up Dinner
7:30 Key Note
Dusty Trails: Glorious Destination
Saturday, July 22nd
8:50 a.m. On the Trail Breakfast and Fellowship time
9:30 Gathering Up the Strays (Getting People Involved in Support Groups)
10:30 Break
10:45 Settling Range Wars (Peace Keepers)
11:45 Break
12:00 Chuck Wagon Lunch
1:00 Tool Kit for Trail Drovers (Support Group Leaders' Guide)
2:00 Break
2:20 Town Hall
3:00 Q&A with Trustees, Prayer Time
4:00 Close