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1. The Coming Attack on Homeschooling from the Legal Elites by Michael Farris

2. Be Honest: Who Should Be Educating Your Children? by Brian Ray

3. Prepared for Dominion: How to Think About Educating Your Boys by Colton Wilson 

4. Fast, Delicious, Affordable Food by Mary Ostyn 

5. OCHEC 101: What is Education? by Susan Chrisman 

6. Concurrent Enrollment and Your Homeschool Student by Kathleen Curley  

7. The Spiritual Impact of Educational Choices by Michael Farris

8. From Conflict to Victory by David Quine 

9. Teaching Your Children Their Identity in Christ by Sheri Yates   

10. OCHEC 102: Choosing Curriculum That Fits Your Child by Cindy Nicolai     

11. The Essentials of Learning: Your Own or Another by Jennifer Courtney   

12. Isolationism or Teaching Them What They Lie, Sit, Rise, and Walk? by Brian Ray 

13. What Really Makes Curriculum Work? The Brain! by Jan Bedell 

14. On Your Toes - Homeschooling With Toddlers Under Foot! by Betsy Ray 

15. OCHEC 103: A Home Educator's Guide to Scheduling and Planning by Susan Chrisman

16. Read, Read, Read! Or: What's Really Important About Books, Anyways? by Cheryl Lange 

17. Getting Dirty for God! by Mark Hamby    

18. A Lesson In Life With Hank The Cowdog by John Erickson    

19. Developmental Milestones by Lainna Callentine     

20. Blue Sticker Dream Wall by Sheri Yates 

21. OCHEC 104: Taming the Beast of Record Keeping by Cindy Nicolai  

22. Teaching Your Child the Constitution by Michael Farris 

23. In Unchartered Waters: Navigating Your Way to Marriage(for Teens) by Colton Wilson     

24. The 4 Styles of Parenting and 4 Types of Foolishness in Children by Mark Hamby

25. Homeschool Families in Crisis by Christina Manuwai  

26. The Balancing Act: Homeschool, Housework and Activities by Mary Ostyn  

27. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 1 by Susan Chrisman  

28. Nutrition 101: Choose Life by Karen Hopkins  

29. Dream Big! by Todd Wilson  

30. Parental Rights: Now or Never! by Michael Farris  

31. How to Teach for Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom by David Quine 

32. Homeschooling the Child with Disabilities by Dana Wilson 

33. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 2 by Susan Chrisman  

34. Teach Your Children How to go into Business by Gerald Coury 

35. Control Your Emotions by Sheri Yates 

36. Answers to All the Reasons You Should Quit Homeschooling by Todd Wilson   

37. The Angry Child, Teen, Parent, and Spouse by Mark Hamby 

38. What to Do When You Hit the Wall by Dana Wilson 

39. Dyslexia Demystified by Jan Bedell    

40. Who Wants to Send Their Child to Public School? Raise Your Hand! by Cindy Nicolai  

41. So Now He's A Teenager: Why Continue to Homeschool by Brian Ray 

42. Homeschooling the Adopted Child by Christina Manuwai  

43. Who's Walking the Wall? How to Prepare Godly Children for an Ungodly World by Cheryl Lange 

44. Biology and Teaching High School Science by Lainna Callentine  

45. Classical, Christian Education Made Doable by Jennifer Courtney  

46. Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Child to Homeschooling, You, and Everything You Hold Dear by Todd Wilson  

47. Raise Them Up, Don't Crush Them Down by Mark Hamby  

48. Who's on First? Balancing Homeschooling and Life by Cindy Nicolai 

49. Birth to Four - The Pivotal Years by Jan Bedell 

50. College By Examination by Ladonna Beals  

51. Rediscovering the Lost Art of Adventure (Boys Only) by Colton Wilson    

52. Hank the Cowdog's Family in Concert by John & Kris Erickson 

53. Loving and Leading by Brian and Betsy Ray 

54. How a Home Schooler's Dream Turned Into An Animated Movie by Gerald Coury  

55. The Outstanding Transcript and College Search Process by Kathleen Curley  

56. Habit Training: Key to Maintaining Your Sanity by Susan Chrisman   

57. Common Business Sense for Teens by Shirley Solis  

58. How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up by Todd Wilson  

59. A Passionate Pursuit of Excellence (also titled Uniquely Used of God)! by Mark Hamby

60. In Uncharted Waters: Helping Your Teens Navigate Their Way to Marriage by Colton Wilson      

61. Economics of Healthy Living by Karen Hopkins     

62. Socialization 101: I Just want to Fit In by Cindy Nicolai 

63. The Great Awakening: Building Character…One Story at a Time by Mark Hamby