Getting Started Resources


Many of these titles are available at your local bookstore or online. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it will help you get started.

Oklahoma Home Educators’ Handbook
The content on this website is modified from Oklahoma Home Educators’ Handbook,where you will find more information, including the lawpertaining to home education, getting started help, specific examples, high school information, transcripts, and a curriculum resource list.  Click here to purchase.

The Whole Hearted Child: Home Education Handbook
Clarkson, Clay and Sally

The Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual: Junior/ Senior High or Elementary
This manual contains information about different types of curricula and approaches to homeschooling. Check the copyright date for most current edition.
Duffy, Cathy

The Home Schooling Father
Farris, Michael

The Christian Home School
Harris, Gregg

The Right Choice: Home Schooling
Klicka, Chris

For the Children's Sake
Macaulay, Susan Schaeffer

Big Book of Home Learning
This is probably the most exhaustive comparison of curricula and teaching styles. Check the copyright date for most current edition.
Pride, Mary

The Way They Learn
Tobias, Cynthia