Please be sure to encourage our Exhibitors by thanking them for attending and by visiting their website.

Here is a list of our 2018 Exhibitors... we'll update the list for 2019 soon!


A Reason For E-1
Abeka G-7, G-8, G-9, H-7, H-8, H-9
Abiding Truth Ministry, Inc. E-3
ACE - Accelerated Christian Education K-1,K-2, L-1, L-2
Alpha Omega Publications G-5, G-6, H-5, H-6
American Heritage Girls - I-10
American School D-4
Artworks Academy Of Performing Arts X-1
BF Farms, LLC N-9
BJU Press/HomeWorks by Precept O-1, O-2, O-3, 0-4, O-5, P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5
BooksBloom I-I, J-1
BookShark C-1, C-2, C-3, D-1, D-2, D-3
Bott Radio - M-7, N-7
BP learning X-13, X-14
Brinkman Adventures Q-6
CEF of Oklahoma Y-19
Central Ok Homeschool Bands P-7
Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choirs E-2
Character tales O-6
Cheer 4 Christ - Q-10
Christian Light Education - Y-20, Y-21, Z-20, Z-21
Chuck Black - The Kingdom Series J-7, J-8
Classical Conversations Y-1, Y-2, Z-1, Z-2
Cornerstone Curriculum M-6, N-6
Demme Learning/Math U See Y-6, Y-7, Z-6, Z-7
DiVinyl Touch - I-11, J-11
Doctor Hartfield-Veterinary Books - H-3
Dwight Mission Camp & Conference Z-3
EDGE Ministries X-11, X-12
Essentials In Writing M-4, M-5
Excellence in Home Education F-3
Forte International Exchange Association J-3
Francis Tuttle Technology Center I-8
Grand Canyon University -
Grace & Truth Books Z-8, Z-9, Z-10
Grapevine Studies I-7
Great Computer Deals M-1, N-1
Home School Legal Defense Association K-7, L-7
Home Works E-4, E-5, E-6, F-4, F-5, F-6
Instuitue for Excellence in Writing Z-17, Z-18, Z-19
Inter-City Violin - Q-1
In The Gap - X-16
Jim Hodges Autio Books P-6
KAPLA - J-10
King Marlin Swim Club - L-4, L-5
Lamplighter Publishing - M-11, N-11
Learn To Play Z-4, Z-5
Marie's Words, Inc. X-15
Master Books Y-8, Y-9, Y-10
Mathnasium of Yukon N-4
Metro Technology Centers N-5
Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County N-3
Mid-America Christian University Y-17
Miller Pads & Paper, LLC Y-13, Y-14, Z-13, Z-14
Nature's Workshop Plus B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5
Norman School for Strings I-4
Notgrass History C-5, C-6, D-5, D-6
Oklahoma Christian University J-9
Oklahoma City Patriots Football & Cheer Y-5
Oklahoma National Guard - X-5
Oklahomans United for Life Q-2
Oral Roberts University C-4
Pensacola Christian College H-10
Praise Hymn Inc. Q-9
Rainbow Resources O-8, O-9, O-10, P-8, P-9, P-10
Reasons To Believe M-9
Reclaiming Arts Q-8
Red River Press K-6
Retro Outfitters Q-7
Rhyme and Reason Ministries G-3
RightStart Mathematics by Activities for Learning, Inc. Y-18
Rod & Staff - Y-15, Z-15, Z-16
Rosetta Stone Homeschool X-10
Samaritan Ministries Y-3
ShillerLearning: Montessori at Home X-7
Sonlight Curriculum I-5, I-6, J-5, J-6
Spotlight Productions OKC N-10
Storyman Books L-6
Susanchrisman.com H-4
Teaching Textbooks Q-3, Q-4, Q-5
Teen Pact M-10
TEL Library G-4
The Family Man, Todd Wilson - G-1, H-1, H-2
The Kingdom Code Y-16
The RoadRunner Press O-7
Threshold Climbing & Fitness J-4
Track Family Fun Parks X-9
Trail Life USA I-9
Triumpant Learning - I-2, I-3
Usborne Books & More Y-4
Why - Games F-1, F-2
Winter Summit Ministries/Roxanne Parks Coaching X-8
YWAM - Y-12, Z-12