Did You Know?

Monday October 15 2007

Did you know that your support group can host a "Homeschool How-To" meeting in your area?

If you're like me, when you mention to a new acquaintance that you teach your children at home you occasionally get a response of "Oh! I WISH I could homeschool! I just don't think I could do it." Well, you and I both know that, in many cases, he or she most certainly COULD do it. All that's lacking is accurate information and confidence. That's where your OCHEC Trustees come in! If you will secure a meeting place and invite people from your community who have questions about home education, one or two of us will bring a presentation explaining home education, Oklahoma laws, philosophies of education and record keeping. We end with a question and answer session. Does this sound like something that would be helpful where you live? Contact the OCHEC office (staff@ochec.com), tell us where you live and request a "Homeschool How-To" seminar. You will be contacted by a Trustee and the wheels will be in motion.

At OCHEC, we firmly believe that home-based, Biblical child training is one of the ways that we will see revival in our country and in the world. We are committed not just to serving Oklahoma's current home educating families, but to encouraging all families in our state (particularly Christian families) to give prayerful consideration to discipling their children in their own homes. One of our goals is to do all that we can do to remove real and perceived barriers to homeschooling. Won't you help us?