What Works For You?

Dana R Alsbrook Wednesday October 10 2007

As I was thinking about ways that OCHEC could be of practical assistance and encouragement to Oklahoma home educators, I began to wonder what sorts of resources have been most useful to you. So, let's talk about it. What have you tried? What was a Godsend and what was a train wreck? What do you wish was available?

When our family began the journey of home education (way back in the 20th Century!), we lived in Lawton where there was a very active support group and a wonderful co-op. My first year, I had a first grader and a toddler and Fridays were the highlight of our week, as I got to sit in the nursery and visit with another sweet mom, then go assist in the high school science lab and then sit in the "teachers' lounge" with the other moms who had free time at the same time I did. I learned so much and had my resolve to home school set by the mentoring I received in that group.

We moved to Oklahoma City in 1999, when I was pregnant with our third child. It was springtime and the support groups were winding down. I found a contact number for OCHEC, so I called and left a couple of messages. By the time someone returned my call, the local support groups had shut down for the summer, so my plan of getting "plugged in" enough to have some friends for the girls and someone to drink iced tea with from time to time never came to be. In the fall, I joined a support group and began to get involved in a few activities which brought some much-needed companionship for me and for the girls.

So, that's our story. What's yours?