Convention Q & A

Saturday March 15 2008

It's time for the Convention again, and I thought this would be a good time to do two things:

1) Write another blog post, now that I've had 5 months to rest up from the last one. :-)

2) Answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the annual Convention.

And now, I'll reach into the hopper and pull out a question from last year's comment forms.

Q: Why are the aisles in the Exhibit Hall so narrow?

A: The Exhibit Hall layout takes many things into consideration. Primarily, we are bound by the Fire Marshall regulations, so the layout has to first be approved by the Fire Marshall. Next, in order to offer premium value to our exhibitors and optimum shopping space for our attendees, the booth spaces are made as deep as possible, while keeping the walkways open enough for people to pass comfortably. While wider aisles would be nice, it seems that our purposes are better served with the wide variety and maximum space for our outstanding exhibitors to display their wares.

Q: It was too hot! Can we turn up the air?
and, alternately:
Q: It was so cold! Can we turn up the heat?

A: Our Convention Director is in constant contact with the Cox Business Center's facilities management throughout the event, and every effort is made to keep the environment comfortable for everyone. When the outside temperatures are significantly warmer or cooler than expected, it affects our inside temperatures. While adjustments are made, keeping the entire area at a strict 70º is simply not possible. Personally, I make sure to wear short sleeves and bring a sweater, that way I can be comfortable no matter the temperature. If, for some reason, I end up being overly warm or uncomfortably cool, I choose to be grateful for being indoors, and having access to so many outstanding resources.

Now, go to HERE and get your family registered for the Convention!