Teen Program


iElect - A Mock Presidential Campaign

Pre-Registration is now closed. You may still register starting at 8:00am on Friday.

In this two day program, teens ages 13-19 will take part in a mock presidential campaign that includes caucus work, a primary race, voter registration, fundraising, commercials, campaigning, and actual voting. Participants will be assigned to a mock political party, design their own party platform, elect their own candidates from among themselves, and raise GenJ money to buy commercials, campaign materials, advertisements, etc.  Parents and other conference attendees are involved by registering to vote, donating play money (parents will be provided with the money), and by voting for their favorite candidate.

Students simulate the rigors of the electoral process by personally campaigning for a candidate of their choice. At each phase of the program, students will learn how a real election works by actually participating in the presidential race and making important decisions that could make or break their campaign.

The program is designed to be interactive, even getting parents and other attendees involved in the process. Teens will enjoy the hands-on nature that the program offers.

The iElect Team

The Generation Joshua team takes government (something that is not very hands on) and in just two days turns it into a full scale interactive learning process. We go beyond simply lecturing and utilize hands on learning and critical thinking.  It is common knowledge in the homeschool community that children learn best by employing all of their senses; thus, in each of these courses, the teens actually get to practice the material they learn, rather than just read about it.

Generation Joshua staff focus on how the Christian worldview affects decision-making in intense political situations and show students the implications of their decisions and responses. Students learn why politics works the way it does, why it’s worth being involved, and how to be a consistent advocate for Christian principles.


The iElect program takes place over TWO full days with an hour lunch in the middle. It will run from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day. Lunch is not included so there will be a lunch break each day and it is up the parents to decide whether to pick their teen up for lunch or provide them a way to procure it for themselves.

iElect is appropriate for teens aged 13 to 18 who are interested in the political process and mature enough to participate in a group activity on their own.

The cost for iElect is $40 per teen for the two-day program. 
The registration cost also includes a two-year membership in Generation Joshua.

Register your teens, ages 13-18, for the iElect program when you register your family for the convention or you may visit the site later to register your teens for the program. Please note your student must be 13 at the time of the convention in order to participate in the program.

NOTE: Pre-registration is now closed. You may still register ON SITE starting at 8:00am Friday morning!

Please visit Generation Joshua’s website for more information about their clubs and leadership programs.