OCHEC Leadership Conference Re-cap 2013

Originally Published Fall 2013

Nearly one hundred support group leaders from around the state gathered at the Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Newcastle for the 2013 OCHEC Leadership Conference.
The theme, “Equipped for Every Good Work,” was integrated into every workshop and talk, and even in the farm equipment (John Deere style) table decorations. The F.I.C.H.E. support group (Tri-City area) helped with the meals, set-up and clean-up.

Steve Lambert, of Five in a Row, gave some words of wisdom and encouragement. He reminded us not to let people “should” on us. He said that everyone has an opinion of what we “should” do in our homeschool journey, and if we are not careful, we will soon find ourselves carrying around a backpack full of boulders that weigh us down. For example, you “should” be teaching your children Latin; your child “should” be reading before the age of six. There is no end to the amount of “shoulds” people want to put on you, but God is the one who invited you on this journey. Do what He is leading you to do, and let Him equip you.