Capitol Day


photo credit :  Serge Melki

February 6th, 2018

At OCHEC Capitol Day, homeschool families will gather at the Oklahoma State Capitol, equipped and eager to influence our state legislators.  OCHEC's goal is to have a family in every single legislator's office; put a positive face on homeschooling; and educate the legislators as to who we are, what we stand for, and what we want from them.  We are Christian families endeavoring to educate our children to the highest standards while shepherding them towards righteousness, and we ask that our legislators honor our constitutional rights to do as such without any "help", in any form.  Families and individuals are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

We will gather on the 4th Floor, then disperse throughout the Captiol to meet with our Legislators and enjoy our beautiful building. We have organized three ways for the home education community of Oklahoma to get involved. We encourage all families to participate in one or all of the following options:  Minuteman, Patriot, and Prayer Warrior

Be a Minuteman! If you like being on the front line and are willing to do the following, register as a Minuteman.  

  • Stand firmly behind OCHEC's statements and definitions of Home Education and Christian beliefs (you will be asked to affirm these).
  • Be educated on key issues (we will help train you).
  • Be a Pleasant, Articulate and Confident communicator.
  • Call and make appointments with and visit three legislators (not necessarily your own) and deliver a *packet of information* to each.
  • Dress in business casual attire (not necessarily a suit).
  • Spend 2-4 hours at the Capitol and be willing to follow-up with the legislators they visited at a later date either in person, by phone, or by email.
  • Participate in one of three webinar training sessions offered the week preceding Capitol Day (this will is where we go over the current issues).

 *The Minuteman info pack contains important statements, statistics, and positions on legislative issues that affect Home Educators.  It will be available for download after registering and the week before Capitol Day so you can become familiar with it.  We will include a link to the Legislative Directory so you can look up the legislators you will be visiting and learn a little about them. It is vital that you call ahead to make appointments with your assigned legislators. You only need to ask for five minutes of their time. Please do this as soon as possible after you register.  We need a minimum of 25 individuals/families willing to be Minutemen. Teens age 16 and up can participate as individuals with parental permission. This will lighten everyone’s load and have a lasting impact on our legislators. Our goal is to have a family in every single legislators’ office.

Be a Patriot! If you support OCHEC and would like to be a face of Oklahoma Home Educators at our Capitol, then register as a Patriot.

As a Patriot, make it a field trip day, make it fun and choose to:

  • Visit your own two legislators with your family.
  • Help deliver boxed cookies to the legislators
  • Wander through our beautiful Capitol and become familiar with your own State House.
  • Hand make a thank-you card for your legislator or have your children draw a picture for your legislators.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in the Capitol Building.
  • Take a self-guided prayer walk tour of the Capitol.
  • Go on a guided tour of the Capitol Building. For added fun, call ahead and ask your senator or representative if he can give your family a tour. It might get you in places you would not get to see otherwise.
  • Encourage your legislators and their staff by telling them you are praying for them.
  • Take advantage of other activities available in close proximity to the Capitol Building:
    • Harn Homestead
    • Oklahoma History Center
    • Tours of the Supreme Court Building

Be a Prayer Warrior!  If you are an effective spiritual warrior and do battle best through prayer, then register as a Prayer Warrior.

Governments are affected by the prayers of the saints.  This is for those who would be willing to make a prayer walk around the Capitol or who cannot make it to the Capitol but will commit to pray at a specific time for a specific purpose. A prayer guide will be available for download.

OCHEC does not charge a registration fee for this event, but we do incur costs.  If you can help by giving a one time donation to support Capitol Day, please press the Donate Button below.