Joe and Jennifer Kimmons


Joe grew up in an abusive home. In college, he dove deep into a life of sexual sin. Desiring to be free, he assumed marriage would unlock happiness. Joe soon realized he was trapped. Shortly after marriage, in his living room floor Joe accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. His heart was restored, but in his mind Joe continued to struggle with impure thoughts. With tenacity Joe continued to fight for his marriage. He allowed God’s word to renew his mind. At the age of 32, on the brink of divorce, Joe was healed and restored from sexual addiction. Joe is a husband and father of three girls. Joe is passionate about spreading the word that there is freedom from the grips of any addiction. He mentors and guides men and couples through the process of finding purity through the name of Jesus.

Jennifer accepted Jesus at a young age. She was known as the “good girl” striving to be the best at everything in her small town. Failure was not an option, so the pressure to succeed mounted over the years. Outwardly, she kept it all together, but on the inside she was emotionally bankrupt. She put her hope in her fairy tale marriage, but as quickly as it began, it turned upside down. She discovered her husband was entangled in a web of sin. Her identity was shaken to the core. She didn’t know who she was anymore. Desperately, seeking help, she pursued Christ and who she was in Him. It transformed her life inside out. For the first time, she didn’t have to work to hold it together anymore. She longs for all women and marriages to be transformed through Jesus Christ. She fights on the front lines for marriages. She is a wife and mother of three girls and lives life daily to honor the name of Jesus.

Joe and Jennifer have overcome major obstacles both individually and in their marriage. Today, through Jesus Christ they experience a Godly intimacy in their marriage. Their heart’s desire is to help couples and families get rooted deeply in the Truth of God’s word so they too can experience a dynamic marriage and family!