Jan Bedell


Jan Bedell, B.S, M.ND, M.Ed (2008), Certified Teacher, and Certified Master Neurodevelopmentalist, began her professional life with a love for children and a deep desire to give them the best academic start possible. She focused on early development in her course of study and looked forward to teaching kindergarten. She recalls having children in her classroom who were very bright, yet would know facts one day and the next (as she says) “they were like a calf at a new gate!” She still remembers how diligently she worked and how frustrating some of those days were. If only she had known then what she now knows! Today, Jan's mantra is: “What the future holds is not predetermined or preset—what the future holds is based on specific opportunities presented to the child or individual. When something different is done for the child's brain development, the results can be entirely different—irrespective of their IQ.”