2015 Leaders Conference

Sunday July 26 2015

Next Year’s Dates: July 2016.

You probably know all about OCHEC Capitol Day and the OCHEC Homeschool Convention, but let us explain about the OCHEC Leadership Conference.

The OCHEC Mission Statement is:

To promote home education in the state of Oklahoma through events, communications and resources; to protect the God-given right of parents to direct the education of their children to the glory of God.

Some of the ways that we are working to achieve these goals are through the Homeschool Convention and Capitol Day. But because we can’t reach every individual homeschool family in Oklahoma, our primary contacts are the support groups. One way that OCHEC can help the support groups is by keeping their leaders informed of legislative news to pass on to their members. The OCHEC Leadership Conference is an event designed to build relationships with the support groups and to provide training and encouragement to the support group leaders.

Encouraging. Refreshing. Inspiring. Helpful. These are words that came up again and again in the follow-up survey for the OCHEC Leadership Conference held in Newcastle, OK on July 24-25, 2015. Approximately sixty leaders from around the state met for a time of fellowship, teaching, and fun. Yes, it was an effort and expense to attend, but these leaders left with a renewed conviction and understanding of why they personally homeschool and why they serve as support group leaders. They came away with door prizes and practical spiritual information that could be implemented in their personal lives as well as in their roles as leaders. They met new friends and interacted with the OCHEC trustees. They shared their successes and challenges. And they had an opportunity to enjoy being served instead of always having to be the ones who serve.

The highlight of the conference was the guest speaker, Norm Wakefield. Norm humbly offered the group what God has been showing him in scripture about what it means for God to be with us. Our confidence is not in ourselves (in our experience, wonderful abilities, or knowledge) but it is in God, who will teach us and show us all the things we need to know in our roles as parents and leaders. He reminded us that the Apostle Paul had some who opposed his leadership, and, using Paul’s example, Norm showed us how to deal with difficulties in a humble and biblical manner. Finally, Norm reminded us of the importance of having God’s vision for our own lives and for our groups. (If you are interested in hearing some of Norm’s teaching for yourself, check out spiritofelijah.com)

It takes a lot of people to make an event like this happen, and we would like to especially thank the FICHE Support Group and their leader, Michelle Dugas, for blessing us with beautiful decorations (including live goldfish on the tables), serving and securing the delicious food, and cleaning up afterwards. We appreciate the use of the Woodland Hills Baptist Church and their desire to be available to the needs of the body of Christ. And as always, thank you to the OCHEC Trustees for this and all they do to promote homeschooling in Oklahoma.