Stephan Moore


Stephan Moore is a native of Cushing, Oklahoma where he was an All-State basketball player and a nationally recruited blue chip athlete. Stephan attended the University of Arkansas and played basketball. He was Captain of the Razorback team his senior year and graduated with a degree in Marketing. Stephan was a member of several NCAA tournament teams and one NIT team.  Stephan joined Spirit Express, a Christian exhibition basketball team that played collegiate exhibitions games as well as prison and outreach games. Stephan served as a counselor and on the leadership staff at Kanakuk Kamps before being hired by Joe White as a Director for Kids Across America, Urban Christian Sports Kamps as the founding staff member. K.A.A. currently serves over 7000 youth and 700 of their leaders. Stephan served as director of K.A.A. 3 (ages 15 to 18) and was Assistant Executive Director of K.A.A. for 18 years. During that time Stephan worked with and spoke to thousands of youth and their leaders. While at K.A.A. Stephan developed the Covenant Family program utilized for sharing and modeling a vision for marriage and family for staff and kids. As well as M.O.G. (man of God) Day a rites of passage program utilized for the hundreds of staff at Kids Across America. Stephan was actively involved in Leadership development and training. He also serves on the College of the Ozarks Board of Visitors and as a deacon in his local church. He is a passionate, humorous, dynamic speaker who speaks at conferences, chapels, churches, collegiate and youth events, seminars and to sports teams. Stephan is currently writing a book for singles on dating God's way. Stephan resides in Oklahoma City, OK with his wife Scotia and their ten children.