2013 OKC MP3 Set

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1. Remembering the Reason, Renewing the Vision by J. Michael Smith

2. How Young People Can Boldly Share the Gospel by The Mallys

3. OCHEC 101:  A Home Educator's Guide To Scheduling and Planning by Susan Chrisman

4. What Everyone Should Know About Autism by Dr. Sam Oliphant

5. Exposing the Wizard of Oz - A Christian Parent's Guide to Teaching History by Diana Waring

6. The Homeschool Marriage - From Surviving To Thriving by Phil Downer

7. Twelve Easy Ways to Prepare Your Student Now for the College Board Exams by Joanne Calderwood

8. The Heart of True Education by Barb Shelton

9. Hands-On Education:  How To Get Your Children Excited About Learning by Cyndi Kinney

10. Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World by Todd Wilson

11. OCHEC 102:  Choosing Curriculum by Cindy Nicolai

12. Preschool and Kindergarten Education At Home, Part 1 by Susan Chrisman

13. Preparing Heart, Soul 'n' Guts Now to Homeschool to the End by Barb Shelton

14. Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child -- I AM ONE! by Paul Downer

15. Building A Good Conscience in Your Child by Dennis Gundersen

16. Before Romance, Beyond Romance; Books For Girls by Jan Bloom

17. Tools to Purposefully Teach Your Children Their Identity Before Someone Else Does by Sheri Yates

18. Keys To Godly Discipline by Phil Downer

19. OCHEC 103:  Philosophies of Education by Tracy Phillips

20. Preschool and Kindergarten Education At Home, Part 2 by Susan Chrisman

21. Not Just Your Average Genius by Diana Waring

22. What Can Dads Do To Make Mom Successful in Homeschooling? by J. Michael Smith

23. Your Child's Growing Mind:  For Parents of Children Ages 10+ by Cheryl Lange

24. Classical Music in the Homeschool by Don Fairchild

25. Creating, Organizing & Documenting High School Classes by Barb Shelton

26. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by The Mallys

27. OCHEC 104:  Taming the Beast of Record Keeping by Cindy Nicolai

28. Getting Into the Zone by Joanne Calderwood

29. Teaching Truth, Goodness, and Beauty by Jennifer Courtney

30. Resolving Conflicts and Building Strong Parent-Teen Relationships by Paul Downer

31. The Rejoicing of the Parents of the Righteous by Dennis Gundersen

32. No Jaywalking:  Teaching History in Your Homeschool by Don Fairchild

33. No More Boring Book Reports:  Making Literature Fun by Cyndi Kinney

34. This We Believe! by Todd Wilson

35. The Greatest Deterent to Homeschooling:  Fear and Inadequacy by J. Michael Smith

36. Ten Things You Need To Teach Your Daughter Before She Graduates by Todd Wilson

37. You Can Homeschool! by OCHEC

38. The Indispensable Ingredient by Diana Waring

39. Leaving A Godly Legacy:  Discipling Your Children by Phil Downer

40. Your Child's Growing Mind: For Parents of Children Ages 0-10 by Cheryl Lange

41. Fostering Hope:  How the Homeschool Community Can Bring Hope to Hurting Children and Families by Foster Care / Adoption Panel

42. Creative, Flexible Home Organizing by Barb Shelton

43. Peace Treaties in the Living Room by The Mallys

44. If A Man Will Not Work, He Will Not Eat:  Encouraging Children in Chores by Tracy Phillips

45. The Four Language Arts by Andrew Pudewa

46. Connecting Hearts - Now and Forever! by Barb Shelton

47. Top Challenges of A Homeschool Graduate by Paul Downer

48. Basic Lapbooking Across the Curriculum by Cyndi Kinney

49. Enzymes:  The Most Overlooked Link to Brain Health and Learning by Karen Hopkins

50. Homeschooling Your Teen:  Your Finest Hour by Kim Ford

51. Lies Homeschoolers Believe by Todd Wilson

52. How To Protect Your Family Against A Truant Officer or Social Worker Visit by J. Michael Smith

53. Self-Teaching 101 by Joanne Calderwood

54. Nurturing Competent Communicators - The Power of Linguistic Patterns by Andrew Pudewa

55. Healing Wounds In A Family Between Generations by Phil Downer

56. If You Don't, Who Will?  Teaching Our Children To Know God by Cheryl Lange

57. Dads and Lads: Building Lasting Bonds by Gary Bloom

58. Real-Life Homeschool Learning and Organizing Tools for Younger Children by Barb Shelton

59. Twelve Ways To Train Young Men To Be Leaders by The Mallys

60. Self-Teaching 102 by Joanne Calderwood

61. Actively ENGAGE Learning and Actually ENJOY Learning by Diana Waring

62. Entrepreneurship Education - Why and How by Andrew Pudewa

63. Family Worship Without Being A Bible Scholar by Dennis Gundersen

64. Carschooling - How To Turn ANYTHING Into A Learning Experience by Cyndi Kinney

65. Yee-Haw! Books for Boys by Jan Bloom

66. Irresistable Parenting by Todd Wilson

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