2013 Tulsa MP3 Set

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1. How Do We Measure Success in Homeschooling? by J. Michael Smith

2. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by The Mallys

3. Dad's Irreplaceable Role by Phil Downer

4. OCHEC 101:  A Home Educator's Guide to Scheduling and Planning by Susan Chrisman

5. Mastery Learning, Ability Development, and Individualized Education by Andrew Pudewa

6. The Heart of True Education by Barb Shelton

7. Basic Lapbooking Across the Curriculum by Cyndi Kinney

8. Irresistable Parenting by Todd Wilson

9. But...but...but...What About Grammar? by Andrew Pudewa

10. OCHEC 102:  Choosing Curriculum by Cindy Nicolai

11. History Via the Scenic Route by Diana Waring

12. Self-Teaching 101, Part 1 by Joanne Calderwood

13. Deadly Weaknesses in the Strong Man:  Moral Lessons Fathers Must Teach Their Sons by Dennis Gundersen

14. Balancing Family Responsibilities For the Busy Homeschool Family by J. Michael Smith

15. Homeschooling the Strong-Willed Child. I AM ONE! by Paul Downer

16. OCHEC 103:  Philosopy of Education by Tracy Phillips

17. Box-Free Living by Diana Waring

18. Self-Teaching 101, Part 2 by Joanne Calderwood

19. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 1 by Susan Chrisman

20. Resolving Family Conflicts in Truth and Love by Phil Downer

21. The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing by Andrew Pudewa

22. OCHEC 104:  Taming the Beast of Record Keeping by Cindy Nicolai

23. Credentials Without College by The Mallys

24. Preparing Heart, Soul 'n' Guts Now to Homeschool to the End! by Barb Shelton

25. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 2 by Susan Chrisman

26. Lies Homeschoolers Believe by Todd Wilson

27. Homeschooling and Parental Rights - Freedom Under Fire by J. Michael Smith

28. Media and Entertainment - Monitoring What Influences Your Family by Paul Downer

29. The Key To Education is Relationship by Diana Waring

30. Connecting Hearts - Now and Forever by Barb Shelton

31. Organize THIS! by Tracy Phillips

32. You Can Homeschool! by OCHEC

33. What To Do When Your Plan Doesn't Go According To Plan by Todd Wilson

34. Teaching Your Children How To Work With Godly Discipline by Phil Downer

35. Creative, Flexible Home Organizing by Barb Shelton

36. Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known As A Young Mother by Joanne Calderwood

37. Fostering Hope:  How the Homeschool Community Can Bring Hope to Hurting Children and Families by Foster and Adoption Panel

38. Learning Styles:  What Are They and Why Do They Matter? by Cyndi Kinney

39. The Power of Praise With Our Children by J. Michael Smith

40. Raising Pure Daughters in a Generation of Darkness by The Mallys

41. Don't Scare the Children! Homeschooling and the Fear of the Lord by Dennis Gundersen

42. If Mary and Martha Had Been Homeschool Moms by Joanne Calderwood

43. Real-Life Homeschool Learning and Organizing Tools For Younger Children by Barb Shelton

44. Homeschooling Your Teen:  Your Finest Hour by Kim Ford

45. Choose the Hard Things by Todd Wilson

46. Knights, Maidens and Dragons by The Mallys

47. Got Teens??? by Diana Waring

48. Carschooling - How To Turn ANYTHING into a Learning Experience by Cyndi Kinney

49. Courtship and Dating - So What's the Difference? by Dennis Gundersen

50. Teaching Truth, Goodness, and Beauty by Jennifer Courtney

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