2010 OKC MP3 Set

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1. Dream Big! by Todd Wilson

2. Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe Mediocre World by Todd Wilson

3. Who Wants To Send Their Children To Public School? Raise Your Hand! by Cindy Nicolai

4. A Prodigal Speaks Out by Carol Barnier

5. OCHEC 101:  Philosophy of Education: Your Compass by Susan Chrisman

6. Becoming A Suitable Helper by Shirley Solis

7. Nature Deficit Disorder: Causes, Consequences, and Cures by Andrew Pudewa

8. Using Home Education To Prepare Boys for Manhood by Colton Wilson

9. Navigating Your Future Without A GPS - Teaching Goal Setting 101 by Sam Oliphant

10. OCHEC 102:  Choosing Curriculum by Cindy Nicolai

11. "I Once Threw A Chair" and Other True Tales of Successful Homeschooling by Jennifer Beck

12. How To Be A Great Wife Even Though You Homeschool by Todd Wilson

13. Children of Fire by Cheryl Lange

14. What Are You Thinking? Learning Styles and Beyond by Carol Barnier

15. OCHEC 103:  A Home Educator's Guide to Scheduling and Planning by Susan Chrisman

16. Teaching My Teen Character and Instilling Community Service by Mike Jestes

17. Ten Things You Need to Teach Your Daughter Before She Graduates by Todd Wilson

18. Teaching, and Creating Family History by Colton Wilson

19. Bible Based Writing Lessons by Andrew Pudewa

20. OCHEC 104:  Record Keeping by Cindy Nicolai

21. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 1 by Susan Chrisman

22. Don't Miss the Gift in This Child by Carol Barnier

23. Reaching the Reluctant Writer by Andrew Pudewa

24. Becoming A Successful Work From Home, Homeschooling Mom by Jennifer Beck

25. HELP! How Do I Teach My Highly Distractable Child? Part 1 by Carol Barnier

26. Homeschooling Through High School With Confidence by Ashley Wiggers

27. Preschool and Kindergarten Education at Home, Part 2 by Susan Chrisman

28. HELP! I'm Married To A Homeschool Mom! by Todd Wilson

29. Young Entrepreneurship by Todd Abner

30. HELP! How Do I Teach My Highly Distractable Child? Part 2 by Carol Barnier

31. When Life Doesn't Go According To Your Plan: Grief and Healing in the Homeschool by Tracy Phillips

32. Smart In Everything But School by Sam Oliphant

33. Taming the Techno-Beast, Parenting in the Internet Age by Todd Wilson

34. Making Geography Memorable by Ashley Wiggers

35. Parental Rights Amendment by Andrew Pudewa

36. Habits Are Important by Shirley Solis

37. Thinking Toward High School With Charlotte Mason by Susan Chrisman

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